Try Aerials for the first time

ALL ages and ALL abilities can come and try Aerial Silks and Trapeze!

If you would like to TRY AERIALS, here are your options:

Intros for 1st time students

Please contact us in advance (to ensure the class has space) by sending a text message to (706) 406-3434.

We are located in Georgia All-Star Gymnastics in Woodstock at 105 Arnold Mill Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188

All Classes are $85/month, and we occasionally offer specials on facebook find us on facebook

Our lessons emphasize FUN above all!

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Now offering classes Tues, Wed & Sun

Tuesday (Amy instructing)
  • 5:30-6:30pm – Mixed Age Aerial Skills
  • 6:30-7:30pm – Adults and Teens
  • 7:30-8:30 pm – Open Gym / Conditioning
Wednesday (Allyson instructing)
  • 6-7pm – Kids Aerial Skills (ages 8-12 teacher evaluation required)
  • 7-8pm – Adults and Teens
Sunday (Amy instructing)
  • 2-4pm – Performance Team
  • 4-5pm – Mixed Age Aerial Skills / Open Gym / Conditioning
  • 5-7pm – Intro to Aerials (requires reservation)

What to Wear

Please wear shirts that cover the armpit area and the stomach fully (rope burn hurts!). Please wear pants that are easy to move in, but that cover the backs of the knees. (Capri pants okay, but shorts are not)

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Class Descriptions

Open Gym/Conditioning classes: You may come in during this time and use it as open gym time ($5 and work on your own without instruction). You may also come in during this time for an organized aerial conditioning class ( regular class prices/unlimited passes apply and you DO have instruction).

Aerial Skills classes: In these classes you will progress through 9 skill levels at your own pace. Each level has a straight silk, sling silk and trapeze component that must be mastered before moving to the next level.

Kids Aerial Playtime: In this class, the instructor will set up various aerial stations to guide the children in playful aerial activities that will keep them moving and playing in the equipment without the focus on form or skill levels. Examples of stations: a low tied sling for two students to get into and do moves together in, a creative station for a student to come up with a move of their own when given a theme like “underwater”, a strength station for a student to work on climbing up in various ways.

Performance Team: After a student has completed level 3, they will be invited to participate in our Performance Team. We work towards two performances a year that we host and that are open to the public.

If you want to try aerials, we have an introductory class on Sunday at 5pm. You must register in advance, but this introductory class is open to all ages and abilities.

If you have taken our INTRO class and want to continue taking lessons with us:
Ages 12 and over: you may join the aerial skills class for your age, you may join a conditioning class if you would rather start slower and build strength, or you may do both an aerial skills AND a conditioning classes if you want to optimize your progress.
Under age 12: You may join the Kids Aerial Playtime class without any evaluation OR if you would like to be in an Aerial Skills class, you may come to a second INTRO class so that an instructor may evaluate your child and determine whether the aerial skills classes would be appropriate.

ABOUT OUR CURRICULUM for Aerial Skills Classes

There are 9 levels in the aerial curriculum structure we use. Levels 1-4 have both a straight silk and a sling (tied silk) piece. Levels 5-9 have both a trapeze piece and a straight silks piece. The sling pieces can and should also be translated to the trapeze so that each student has a very wide range and diverse aerial education. A student must learn the whole sequence in each level and must do it proficiently for the director (Amy) to let them pass on to the next level. This may be done by video or in person during the student's regular class time.

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Affordable Prices

All payments are due BEFORE a student attends the first class. If a student would like the montly rate, they must pay that in full on the first class day of the month. If they do not, they will be paying the drop in rate for that day and for the remaining classes they attend that month.

What to Wear

Please wear shirts that cover the armpit area and the stomach fully (rope burn hurts!). Please wear pants that are easy to move in, but that cover the backs of the knees. (Capri pants okay, but shorts are not)

Don't forget to LIKE us on our Facebook page to stay up to date about specials.

Schedule your first class by sending a text message to (706) 406-3434.

Once scheduled, go ahead and download and fill out our participation release form.

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Studio Policies

  1. Students will sign up for a weekly class time and will be expected to come to that class time each week ( not come to a different class time each week).
  2. If a student needs to miss a class, they may come to ONE alternate class time per month to make up their missed lesson. We also prefer that you notify us at least one hour before the class if you are going to use this option. (example: If your class is on Friday but you can't make it, you may come to the Wednesday night class...but you may only do this once per month and we would like to be notified at least an hour before)
  3. If you know that you will need to miss more than one class in a month then you may chose to pay the drop in rate for the classes that you are able to attend. There will be no pro-rating of monthly class rates.
  4. In the event that North Georgia Aerials has to cancel class due to large events happening in GA All Stars or hazardous weather, etc, we will offer one make up class for that canceled class. We will do our best to pick an option that works for the class, but we will only be able to offer ONE option and if everyone is not able to make it, we apologize.

All payments are due BEFORE a student attends the first class. If a student would like the montly rate, they must pay that in full on the first class day of the month. If they do not, they will be paying the drop in rate for that day and for the remaining classes they attend that month.


We ask that everyone join our Facebook group North Georgia Aerials and make sure that we have an accurate email address for you so that you can receive any notifications about your classes that you need. Facebook will be our primary form of passing information to students...unless we have something specific for only one student (then we will email). If you are NOT a member of our Facebook page then we are not to be held responsible if you don't get the information you need about class cancellation, etc.

Class Size
  1. A class must have 4 people signed up monthly for it to stay on the schedule. If it has fewer than 4 people, students may choose to split a 3 person private lesson during that time or join another class at another time that does have 4 or more students.
  2. In some cases, we will allow a class (especially a newly formed class) to have fewer than 4 people in order give it time to fill up. However, we will only wait 3 weeks for that to happen before removing the class from the schedule. As students, you are welcome to bring friends in order to help fill the class, but of course we will also be promoting new classes as a business.
  3. A class is full when there are two students taking turns on each piece of equipment. Two students on each piece of equipment is ideal even if the class is not full because it gives each person a chance to rest, a chance to see another person trying the skill and gather information, and a chance to be another set of eyes for the student trying the move (this isn't official “spotting” but it has proven to be helpful many times since a partner can quickly notify the teacher if the student in the silk is having trouble).

Download the Studio Rules

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About the Director

Amy Powell has been doing aerials for 12 years. Currently, she teaches a few classes to the public at her studios in Woodstock and Jasper, GA, trains other aerial Directors and advanced aerialists both at her own studio and in other cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Columbia, SC and Asheville, NC, and works on all kinds of advanced aerial puzzles and creation for herself and for her website. Until September 2013, Amy was the founder/owner/director of Chattanooga Aerials for five years, where she taught classes to the public as well as trained dancers for Grounded High Aerial Dance Ensemble weekly. Amy continuously performs for various events and/or with other dance companies in the southeast such as the Southeastern Theater Conference, Volkswagon's plant opening, The Water For Elephant's movie premiere, AROVA Contemporary Ballet in Birmingham, AVA Gallery Hop, Chattanooga Nightfall outdoor concert series as well as many other charity events such as the Monster Gala for the March of Dimes, the Bunny Hop for the Chambliss Children's Home and the Asheville Children's Welfare Project. From 2009-2010 she taught Aerial Dance and Aerial Dance Composition at Chattanooga State. Before 2009, she danced as a performing member of Canopy Studio's Repertory Dance Company. In her 7 years at Canopy, Amy taught classes of all ages and performed in 7 Repertory Company shows and 4 Advanced Student performances. She choreographed for many of the shows she danced in at Canopy and choreographs all of her current material. She has performed on dance trapeze, aerial fabrics, aerial cube, lyra, bungee, slings, tetra, as well as in acrobalance and floor dance routines.

Amy has had the opportunity to train and work with notable dancers such as Susan Murphy (a pioneer in Aerial Dance and founder of Canopy Studio), Elsie and Serenity Smith (former Cirque du Soleil performers and founders of the New England Circus Center), and Matt Kent (dancer and Artistic Director for Pilobolus)

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Check out some Videos

What a workshop is like

Recent Performances

IshaFest September 2011

AROVA Contemporary Ballet March 2011

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